The Purple World of Happiness

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Acrylic paints, Watercolor, Pencil Color. The painting is based on a kpop idol who belongs to the biggest boyband BTS namely Kim Taehyung. The following painting depicts the beauty that God has inbuilt in him with so much care and love that it takes all hearts and melt them within seconds. His melodic voice and soft and sweet nature gives another touch of beauty in his behavior and appearance.

Artist : Asrin Parvin – I started painting when I was in Nursery and I was really in creating, making new things. I started taking art lessons on every possible forms like Alponas, floral designs, portraits, monocrome, landscape etc. I love to paint as a hobby and want to keep it as my passion. It gives me immense happiness and pleasure cause it makes me allow to express my feelings. I am in class 11 now but I do take a few minutes for me to paint and relax.

Dimensions 42 × 29.7 cm
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