The Old Shine

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“Hyper realistic portrait.
It took 35+ working hours to complete. On A4 size 220 g/m² sheet.
Used charcoal and graphite pencils( no white pen, no white charcoal, no white paint, no white pencil)
Drawn in September 2020”

Artist : “Hey!My name is Kratik Soni,
a self taught artist from Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh.
I’mspecialized in charcoal and graphite.
I always try to put hyperrealism effect in my works which shows the
emotions and stillness.
I mainly work on conceptual drawings which depict the relation between
cosmology and vedas or Indian scriptures.
My artworks disrupt the rules of past, present & future and boundaries of
the countries, minds and the religions.”

Dimensions 21 × 29 cm
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