In The Ashes

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In the Ashes, is a very spiritual artwork, its a very peaceful frame to look at , the artwork of Lord Shiva meditating with Mata Ganga in his Jatha , means of a calm mind and gentle nature , while the background shows different aspects and blast of emotions like anger , happiness, lust , etc depicted by different colours emerging into the black background (Ashes) behind Lord Shiva, Showing….at the end…evrything goes in ashes.

Artist : Yash Dangodra – “Myself Yash Dangodra, Talking about myself, i am a struggling artist, selling my works made with passion to fullfill my dreams , journey of mine is quite simple, I started sketching in 3rd grade was always supported by everyone in my life , friends, family. Which drove me to an amazing journey of art , i was curious to learn about every media and started my journey myself from learning everything on YouTube to joining different classes made me the artist i am today but my journey still continues because there’s more to achieve and learn.”

Dimensions 42 × 30 cm
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