Best Charcoal Pencils for Drawing

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What is Charcoal ?

Charcoal for artists is made of finely ground clay and wood materials. charcoal in a convenient, easy to use form. Charcoal pencils are used to draw rough lines or sketches. It can be used by beginners. Charcoal pencil is usually darker than graphite and it gives you a matte finish. Charcoal marks are hard to remove by eraser completely. You can use charcoal with different techniques like hatching, blending, smudging or rubbing. 
There are various types of Charcoal are available as an art medium. 
  • Vine Charcoal
  • Willow Charcoal 
  • Compressed Charcoal
  • Charcoal Powders
  • Charcoal pencils

7 Best Charcoal Pencils for Drawing

We are here to help you to find the best and premium quality of Charcoal pencils for drawing. These pencils will take your artworks to the next level.

Cretacolor  has been a leading art media manufacturer based in Austria since 1790. It has been crafting the finest Charcoal art materials for centuries.
  • For Professional & amateur artists
  • The drawing Set of 20 includes 3 Charcoal Pencils soft, medium & hard, 3 Nero Pencils soft, medium, extra hard, 2 Monolith Graphite 6B, 9B, 5 grades of compressed charcoal, 4 willow charcoal sticks, 1 charcoal block, 1 kneaded eraser and 1 paper blending stump.
  • Beautiful metal tin box 
  • Get a Free Brustro Artists’ Sketch Book A5.
  • Made in Austria
Derwent  is a brand of pencils and other stationery or art materials from Britain. The company was founded in 1832.
  • Professional quality charcoal pencils
  • Easy to smudge and blend
  • Available in Light, Medium & Dark grades
  • Easy to sharpen and break resistant

General pencil company is a US based brand. It was founded in 1889. It produces the best quality charcoal pencils globally.


  • Premium quality charcoal
  • Smooth Charcoal blends easily.
  • Break resistant
  • General’s Charcoal Pencils Kit contains 8 Essential Charcoal drawing tools
  • Made in the USA.

Conté à Paris have been manufacturing the finest artists’ materials for more than 200 years. Company based in France.


  • This gives the clean, dense finish of an intense black
  • It does not break.
  • It blends perfectly with iron red and Sepia Pencils
  • it does not dirty your hands
  • More compact and easier to handle

Winsor & Newton is a manufacturing company based in London that produces a wide variety of fine art supplies. It was founded in 1832.


  • Winsor & Newton studio collection Sketching pencil set contains Hard Charcoal, White charcoal, Medium Charcoal, Sepia and 4B and 8B graphite pencils
  • Break-resistant cores and points
  • Professional quality & Easy to sharpen
  • clearly labelled and very comfortable to use.

Mont Marte woodless Charcoal pencils are perfect for hatching, sketching and shading. This set comes with soft, medium and hard grades.


  • Mont Marte woodless pencils are lacquer coated.
  • Weighty feel and comfortable to hold.
  • You can make broad strokes by holding the pencil in an angle.
  • It comes with soft, medium and hard grade charcoal.

Brustro is the registered brand of Creative Hands Art materials Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2009.


  • Made of compressed charcoal.
  • Brustro woodless charcoal pencil set includes 3 soft, 2 medium and 1 hard pencils.
  • Smooth blending
  • Lacquered coating on each pencil for comfortable grip.

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